Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bees, flowers and ants

Another sunny day with more opportunities. Today bees and ants got some focus.

These ants are a different kind than the ones posted before. These are larger ants living in the woods in the hills behind the house. The spring seems to be their season for bounty gathering. Active in so large numbers that it was difficult to stop at any one place for fear of ants climbing up on us. In fact, one ant had lodged its mandibles on my shoe lace. 

The bees have been regular visitors, but today was the first chance to get them on camera. Ants seem very easy models compared to the bee. So difficult to get a steady moment, but they do sit quiet for a moment or two to feed on the nectar. . .

Lastly, a few shots along the trek route today.

The tree was so laden with the berries that all the branches were bent low. Mind you, these berries are not the human edible type, but the local birds get good nourishment.

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